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In today's busy world, with different kinds of events are happening each day . In everyday life we are faced with a wide variety of weeds accident. person affected accident or something else affected in some disease take emergency treatment in hospital, Where blood is needed. Let the blood When others offer In order to defend their soul In order to equal the highest service. The purpose of this article is that not explain the useful and special of the blood donation. Today, only 20-30% of us know about the blood consistently great service at appropriate intervals are lifesaving blood donation. The reason is that it lacks awareness about blood donation. Through this article, the figure is possibly something to help save the lives of many more. That is the goal of this article.

Blood Donation Required Qualifications :

  • Blood donor age must have after 18 age to before 60 age.
  • The amount of blood himokulop than 12 gram must not exceed 16 gram.
  • Blood donors weight 50kg should not be less.
  • Men and women are eligible to donate blood.
  • The blood donation of male and female gender get neutral qualifications Have not had any impact on an epidemic.
  • No vaccine should be useful for the last one year. If it occurs following infection must avoid to donate blood.
    1.AIDS, 2. Syphilis, 3. Diabetes, 4. Blood Pressure, 5. Fits
    If you have or have previously had surgery for something or if the blood is loaded please avoid blood donation.

Required qualifications of Female Blood Donor :

  • Avoid donating blood during menstrual periods.
  • Avoid blood donations since the maternity period.
    Something else to donate blood to those receiving treatment as well to avoid.
  • Instructions to be followed for blood donators
    Alcohol consumers please avoid bood donation.
  • alcohol consumption for 24 hours is necessary.
  • The best time to donate blood after a period of at least an hour before smoke.
  • After the lapse of an hour to donate blood after a better smoking. before smoking is making faint.
    Therefore, to the extent possible and avoiding alcohol and smoke more beneficial to the body.
  • Blood donor to donate blood after eating well. Adequate food, sleep is essential to both.
  • It is necessary to wash hands well before donating blood.
  • Those who wish to continue to donate blood to donate blood must be at least 3 -month break.
  • 10. After donating blood, have to hoist folded hands. The items would lift weights for at least one hour to avoid such difficult jobs.

Blood Bank Operations:

  • On average, each person's body 4½ ( four and a half ) to 5½ ( five ) liters is blood.
  • 350 ml to 450 ml of blood to donate to only collected from the requirement.
  • The blood collected in blood banks is protected
  • Isolated components of whole blood collected from blood as needed.
    Blood component products ( erythropoiesis , blood platelets , plasma ) is protected by the appropriate temperature until the specified period.
  • Blood found in the following days until the items processed for each segment protected.
    Pure Blood(Whole blood)
    35 Days
    Erythropoiesis (Packed Red cells)
    42 Days
    Platelets (Platelets)
    5 Days
    Plasma (Plasma)
    One Year
  • Those who were donating blood, blood testing after blood payable to patient.
  • Blood offered before check the blood matching to patient or not after that payable to patient

The Benefits to Blood Donors:

  • Blood donation is not only to defend its interests, not only to protect the help.
  • To donate blood equal to create a new blood naturaly.
  • In the current studies, People who donate blood regularly Found that heart attacks were less likely to occur.
  • Himokulop 's (Heart attack) the quantity of donated blood is used to maintain balance and control.
  • By donating blood, blood pressure (Heamoglobin) is uniformly maintained. Ignored by the various diseases.
  • By donating blood does not cause any reactions. The truth is that all leads faint.
  • Allure of the legs immediately above ground should be put to ground or between the feet to the head and put it to sit. Doing so would immediately return to the old.

Many Benefits for the Body Through Blood Donation:

  • Provides various benefits to ourselves and others to donate blood.
  • Breaking ignorance about please donate blood all the blood !
  • Giving life to living life to spoil the life of others. So please donate to others they live!

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